1INTEG provides Integration Services to assist clients make their business effectively, efficiently, and securely. The Company benefits is a superior expertise across a vast range of Services, including Software, IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security.

With 1INTEG IT Services, our customers receive the wide range of expertise in Governmental Sector.


  • Preparation & Submission of IT Government and Private Sectors Proposals
  • Complete Project Management starting from initial Analysis Phase to Customer Handover and Maintenance
  • Conversion and Migration Decentralized Data from the existing Systems to the new Central Integrated System
  • High and Low levels System Designs
  • Implementation of best-of-breed tailor-made Hardware Products and Infrastructure Solutions fitted to the Project requirements
  • Software and IT Infrastructure Architecture Design
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of specialized Hardware
  • Provision of the Secure Documents Issuing Equipment
  • Secure Certificate Design and Production
  • Agile Software Development of the modular Unique Solutions suitable for future growth, updates and upgrades
  • Designing Procedures and Document Issuance Workflow
  • Integrations with external Interface for a Governmental and Private Sectors Systems
  • Users Training to provide first-level support, diagnostics, troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Providing full set of necessary Technical and Administration Documentation for all levels of user’s support
  • Providing flexible and highly professional outsourcing and outstaffing services fitted to Customer’s needs
  • Cyber Security Services (CISO as a service, SOC as a service, Cyber Security Consulting, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Cyber Security Incident Management and Response)

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