Welcome to 1INTEG, an Israel-based company founded by a team of highly skilled IT professionals with an impressive track record of over 20 years in implementing Government-oriented Information Technology Projects.


Our passion is to transform businesses through innovative, high-tech, and intelligent IT solutions, making us a leading provider in the industry. With expertise in designing, establishing, and integrating tailor-made systems, we cater to the unique needs of each project, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


Drawing on our extensive experience in IT infrastructure and solutions, we bring a holistic approach to operational, financial, and business management. Our comprehensive range of services is specially tailored to the IT Government sector, encompassing proposal coordination, product launch strategy, system analysis, software and hardware architecture, project management, and turn-key solutions.


In addition to our renowned IT Solutions, we are thrilled to introduce our newest venture: AI Video Production Services. Harnessing the power of AI technology, we craft captivating and immersive videos that engage audiences and leave a lasting impact. From brand videos that tell your unique story to product videos that showcase your offerings, our AI Video Productions Services unlock the full potential of visual storytelling.




  • Customer-Centric Focus: We prioritize our customers’ needs, placing their requirements at the center of our approach.
  • Embracing Innovation: We leverage innovative technology to deliver forward-thinking solutions that drive business growth.
  • Clarity, Simplicity, Flexibility, and Transparency: We believe in clear and open communication, offering flexible solutions with transparent processes.
  • Uncompromising Quality: We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services that exceed expectations.
  • Systematic Growth: We foster sustainable development by continuously improving our expertise and expanding our capabilities.


At 1INTEG, our commitment is unwavering. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, harnessing our deep expertise and extensive experience to drive the success of your IT projects. We understand that every business operates within a distinct software and hardware environment, which is why we offer a diverse range of software solutions and cutting-edge technologies to meet your specific requirements.


Join us on this transformative journey as we ignite the power of technology to propel your business to new heights. Experience the difference with 1INTEG.


Contact us today to discuss how we can fuel your success with our innovative IT Solutions, AI Video Services and unrivaled expertise.




Igor Bernovsky

Strong Business Professional with 20+ years of demonstrated working history in the IT industry. Proven Management record and highly enthusiastic approach. Proven expertise in: IT Infrastructure and Solutions. Overall operational, financial and business management in dynamic and competitive environments. Large-Scale Governmental and Non-Governmental project management.

Jeni Bobovnikov

Proposal Coordinator with extensive knowledge and 10 years’ experience in leading a vast range of IT Government Proposals.

Product Launch Strategist, System Analyst, Software Architect and Project Manager with 20+ years’ experience and actual track records in design, development and successful implementation of full turn-key oriented Solutions for the IT Government Sector.

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